Insulated Stainless Steel 48" x 48" Rotisserie Smoker (IN4848R)

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48" x 48" automated bbq smoker

Lp or Natural Gas

3/16" wood fire box

Kason Door Closers

Chrome Handles

Mechanical Dial Thermostat (will not fail in wet conditions)

110v power input

1/4 Horsepower Dayton motor

4 inch smoke stack w/damper

5- 12" racks with the option of 10

Capacity- over 500lbs of meat (depending on the cut)

Stainless steel exterior

1/8" solid welded interior

2" fire resistant insulation

1200 Degree fire resistant stainless steel oven seals on all doors

1 min rotisserie revolution

Integrated air flew (eliminates the need for fan assistance)

***ALL MODEL SMOKER'S CAN BE BUILT ON A TRAILER*** Trailer rates are 500$ which is standard for all models- if storage is required there is an additional fee of $100/per ft (gas bottle, wood, cooler...etc) Trailer's are built with 3" channel, 14 ga fender's, 3500# axle (excluding IN3636 model), LED lighting. 

If you are looking to invest in an automated smoker without the high cost, this is the smoker for you. American Grill Co smoker's have the ability to cater over a thousand people, or simply fire up for a weekend with the family. These smoker are very cost effective in terms of fuel usage, you can smoke for over 12 hrs on less than 25lbs of Lp and consume less than 3-4 fireplace size logs. With the standard stainless steel exterior these unit will last in/and hold up to almost any environment. The heavy 1/8" interior along with the 2" insulation insures a consistent temperature whether your in blistering or freezing conditions. The integrated air flew design creates a new dynamic with these smokers, this ensures level temperatures at your desired setting, and eliminates the need for costly electric fans and problems that will ensue. The mechanical thermostat is a must have when operating in the outdoor environment (pop-up rain showers, nightly dew's, etc.... will almost always fail a digital thermostat). At American Grill Co, we have created a smoker that is affordable to all customer's, cost effective, and that will produce that great BBQ flavor time and time again!

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A 50% Down Payment is all that is needed to start building your future smoker! Don't wait to call orders are on a first come first serve basis, secure your completion date now!